About Metta Yoga


Metta Yoga – (Sanskrit: मैत्री) is loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, amity, friendship, good will, kindness,close mental union (on same mental wavelength), and active interest in others.  This is love without clinging (upādāna).  (Wikipedia)

Metta, the philosophy and practice of universal kindness and love. Yoga, the ancient discipline of body, mind, and soul.

Combined, Metta Yoga can help to create a balanced outlook, providing opportunities for you to flourish, all while creating a healthy and strong body.

I have been teaching yoga since 2007 and am a fully qualified and accredited teacher through Power Living Australia. I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor.  I have completed a 200 hour certification and am currently completing my 500 hour certification.  I have also completed a Yin teacher certification with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts in Vancouver in August 2015.  I am able to offer Vinyasa, Power and Yin yoga; Yoga for core strength, yoga for stress management, yoga for abs, yoga for calm and centering, yoga for life.

Whatever you would like to achieve through your practice of yoga, we can work together to create anything from a once off session to an entire program suited to fulfill your needs all at a very affordable price. Beginner through to advanced male or female, you and I can work where you are most comfortable.

I offer classes at various venues through Wellington, including Adventure School Hall (Whitby, Porirua, New Zealand). I am also happy and able to come to your house or offices and teach you in the privacy of the place you feel most relaxed.  Corporate classes are another way to create teams or a relaxed, balanced workplace. I am also happy to create group lessons for your work or community place. A great experience for you and your friends!

When the mind goes back to the present moment, it also goes back to the body; body and mind are united. Breathing is the bridge between body and mind.

Thich Nhat Hanh


Photo by H. Emre on Pexels.com

6 Responses to About Metta Yoga

  1. Rebecca says:

    Are you still running these classes Amanda ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • amanda says:

      Hi Rebecca- do you mean the Wednesday evening classes at Adventure school? Yep, we are. 🤗

      7.15 pm. Thanks for your question! Let me know if you need any more info.


  2. Tracy Jones says:

    Hi Amanda
    It has been such an indulgence and a pleasure to enjoy three of your awesome classes this weekend. I’ll definitely have to make sure I can prioritise some time to keep coming on the weekends I’m not working next year!
    I thought I still had your email but can’t seem to find it, hence I’m getting in touch through your website. Could you please forward on a copy of the poem you read at the end of the yin class this morning. It was about touching as far as our reach, seeing as far as we are prepared to look and dreaming as big as what we put our minds to, but it was written so eloquently.
    Your theme for your classes this weekend absolutely struck a chord with me and that poem will become my positive affirmation for 2017 ☺️
    Love what you do and thanks again!
    Tracy Jones


    • amanda says:

      Hi there Tracey

      As always, a real pleasure to see you there. You do really enjoy your Yin practice.

      The little poem I read was:

      Only as far as I reach I can grow
      Only as far as I seek I can go
      Only as deep as I look I can see
      Only as much as I dream I can be
      ~ Karen Ravn

      Your love for your practice is an inspiration. 🙂

      Warm regards


  3. Really enjoyed your yoga page, especially the one about the tea after doing yoga. I was curious if you would be interested in having your health & fitness articles featured on our site at projectmayhembodies.com? If so give me an email back at kcsportsninja@gmail.com


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