Simple pleasures

Become still to feel the pleasure of a moment. Direct your attention to your breath. After you exhale, delay inhaling for a few seconds until you start to feel the urge to inhale. When you do inhale, notice the pleasure that comes from breathing in and satisfying that urge. It may be subtle, but bring the pleasure into focus. Continue to notice the pleasure of the in-breath for a few more breaths. 

Then shift your attention to the out-breath. As you exhale, you automatically relax your diaphragm, your ribcage compresses and the air flows out of your lungs. There is really no effort involved. It is all about letting go. That relaxation can be an experience of pleasure. Spend a few breaths attentive to that enjoyable feeling of relaxing with each out breath. 

Soon you may notice that the in-breath has it’s pleasure and the out-breath has it’s different pleasure. What was automatic and a necessity, can be a source of enjoyment. 

As you go about your day, be open to opportunities to experience a simple pleasure. Activities that we do often become automatic and we may lose awareness that they are pleasant. Eating, grooming the body, moving from place to place, performing simple tasks may contain an element of pleasure that we can lose track of, unless we are mindful of them. 

May you have a pleasant day.

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