Structured Yoga Series vs. Drop-In Classes

Yoga studios have a wide variety of classes every day of the week, as this is the best way to incorporate as many students as possible and make the most profit off the studio itself. As there are a number of different types and levels of yoga, classes will vary greatly from day to day or time to time. However, there is another difference between most yoga classes: the structured yoga series versus the drop in class.

To be more specific, the structured yoga series is where students sign up for 4 to 8 week courses where specific things are worked on and expanded upon in each class. Meanwhile, drop in classes consist of one-off classes for people to show up in every so often to do yoga. Both have advantages and disadvantages, as discussed below, so you can decide what works best for your yoga regimen.


PRO: Structured classes will mean that you pay for all of them up front and be more inclined to go to each class and stick with yoga. If you have trouble sticking with a work-out routine, then this is a key thing to do, so that you feel you have to get your money’s worth.

CON: Paying up front can be a strain on some people and making a four to eight week commitment is also too much, especially in our ever-changing world these days. Take into account whether you will really be able to make all of these classes and won’t be throwing money away on classes you cannot attend. Some yoga studios may account for this and give you a future credit if you miss a class.

PRO: You will become better at a specific type of yoga through structured classes, as you will most likely have the same instructor covering the same aspects of yoga in each class. This means you can really learn a routine over the course of the classes and by the final class, should know it well enough to where you can do yoga on your own, as long as you have a mat and stable ground. This, in a sense, will save you a lot of money in the future.  Keeping up a regular yoga practice will also reveal other benefits over time – stress reduction, better posture, positivity – so many.

CON: The same or similar yoga routine over a number of weeks may become boring to you. Think about whether or not you will still be interested in the classes by the end of the series or if you will be yearning for more variety.  However, do remember that it is a journey – as you keep discovering and learning more, even of each pose you become more and more familiar with.  It feels different every time, or you learn something more subtle.


PRO: You can probably attend a class at whatever time fits your ever-changing schedule. This means if you have some time in the morning or at lunch during your work day, you can pop in and do some yoga. Freedom of choice is what people love these days and doing drop in yoga classes allows for this.

CON: You have no guaranteed spot in a yoga class when you are dropping in. If you show up ready for a workout on a particularly busy day, you might not be able to get into the room, meaning you have wasted a lot of time and energy heading down to the yoga studio and accomplished nothing. A lot of people have this drop in philosophy and therefore compete with each other for spots to particular classes.  Also, students who have booked a spot will get preference.

PRO: You get a lot of variety. For those who are really into all aspects of yoga, having a new routine with new teachers on a regular basis is ideal, because you can explore the vastness of this workout in a number of different ways through drop in classes. Nothing will feel monotonous.

CON: You get too much variety. Some teachers you may not like and some routines may be too difficult or too easy for you. While there will be schedules available for who teaches what class and at what time, it may not work for your schedule.

 At Metta Yoga in Wellington we suggest that a drop in class may be a good idea if you want to try out yoga for the first time or if you want to see if you like the style of the teacher.  If you like all this, then it would be a good idea to sign up.

Sending you warmth  ~  Namaste

Amanda  ~  Metta Yoga

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