7 Ways to Fit in Yoga Classes at a Studio

We all know it is important stay in shape and we all know what it is like to be busy! There are many ways in which you can make – sometimes small – changes your lifestyle so that you are able to fit in Yoga classes in a studio and stay in shape. Practising yoga in a studio, along with other practitioners and a teacher is a great way to stay on track. Yoga is great for the body – an all over workout – and mind as it creates a state of relaxation and fitting it into your schedule would be a big plus to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Assess Your Day to Day Routine

Have a good look at what your normal schedule looks like. Casting a fresh eye over what you are used to doing is a good idea, anyway. Looking over what you can move around or don’t need would be helpful to find your yoga time.

2. Find a Studio that Works for You

Location is a good place to start – is it on your normal route, or perhaps close to you? Look for a reliable studio with classes at times that work for you. Perhaps try a few classes with different instructors to see if there is someone who resounds with you. Talk to the other participants and get an idea of what they think of the studio.

3. Desire to Get in Shape

Very few things would motivate as much as a real desire to stay or get into shape. You would be more likely to work harder to fit different things into your schedule. Finding ways to encourage yourself to stay healthy is a great way to find the courage to clear a schedule and keep an allotted amount of time set aside for yoga.

4. Talk With Friends

Having a “yoga buddy” or two could be of great help – to share the experience, and you would be less likely to miss a class if you have an “appointment” with your friend. You would be more likely to fit in more yoga time. Having friends who are interested in completing the same goal and attending yoga classes with you as well is an easy way to encourage yourself to go to the studio and work out.

5. Buy Gear

If you own all of the needed gear for yoga classes, why wouldn’t you go? Logic dictates that you are more likely to make time for something you have invested your money into. Buying gear helps cement your commitment to yoga in your mind. Besides – there is such a great range of lovely yoga clothes out there!

6. Just Do It!

I know – it sounds obvious. I know from experience that it can be pretty easy to talk yourself out of doing something if you start thinking about it too much. If you want to stay motivated, it works – just get into your gear and go. And I find that I am usually very glad I did that!

Procrastinating will only stop you from achieving your goal.

7. Make it part of your day

Going home first after your work day can make you lose your resolve. If you made your class early before your day starts, or during the day or on your way home after you are more likely to attend.

Making time for yoga in the studio is a great way to help stay fit and stress free. Yoga is a wonderful way to relax and clear your mind. It helps you to stay on top of your goals in life and to stay focused on all that you have in front of you. By utilising these tips, you can position yourself to be prepared to take on the commitment of yoga classes and easily fit them into your autumn schedule. While life can be overwhelming, you will always have time to exercise and relax your body.

Namaste – sending love ~ Amanda

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