Yoga – the University of Self

One of the underlying and key things I try to convey to my students is that yoga is us learning about ourselves.  And so do I!  

I have often found it hard to look directly at students – I sort of look at the body part we are working with.  Occasionally I am able to look at someone and crack a joke.  It’s simply that it becomes really close when you look at someone, in their eyes.  It makes me feel really vulnerable and at present I am a little freaked out if someone comes close.  When I was teaching Body Balance/Centergy ( group fitness class based on yoga), it was easy – but then you are on a stage and you have a microphone.  Connecting directly is easy then. You are also then dealing with a large number of people.  A yoga studio is smaller and people are closer.  

So today I plucked up the courage to look at my beautiful students.  I connected more directly and so closely with them.  It was like having a two way conversation.  So I am getting that ego – that vulnerability – out of the way.  And so I, too, am learning and growing.  ❤

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