Class Descriptions

Power vinyassa classes are designed to inspire all students (beginner to advanced) to connect to their centre. Every pose we explore, from backbends to forward bends, twists and inversions, has a modified or advanced option; a key principle is accesibility and adaptability to each student.

Yin yoga is deep and divine inner practice of long held seated postures that looks to release tension in the connective tissues of the body, to balance the energetic system, increase flexibility and allow us to look deep within. Yin calls on one to observe, allow and surrender to the sensations and emotions that are released from deep inside the body by staying connected to a deep breath, a steady mind and a courageous heart. By cultivating a deep meditative state, one can rest in their oneness and light. Yin is suitable for all levels and a beautiful compliment to all styles of yoga.

Corporate classes are accessible to anyone at any level of yoga practice.  We offer early morning or lunch time classes to energise and focus you.

Meditation is an important part of every class, it is also on offer as a separate class.  Through breath, concentration, and observation techniques, you will learn to steady the mind and cultivate a sense of focus and inner calm. 

Fees schedule

Classes at Adventure School Hall, Whtiby, Porirua (Wellington, New Zealand) are $10 a class per person.  We offer a 10 class card that gives you 11 classes.

Corporate classes are priced at $10 per person per class, minimum charge $70.

    Refunds are only given for medical reasons and a letter from your doctor.

Please contact us for more information on:

facebook:  Metta Yoga

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