Student feedback

It has been such an indulgence and a pleasure to enjoy three of your awesome classes this weekend. I’ll definitely have to make sure I can prioritise some time to keep coming on the weekends I’m not working next year!”  Tracey J

For a relaxing yin yoga session by candlelight try Amanda’s yin practice at Pause Yoga in Days Bay. The bush setting is just moments away from the stress of your day. Enjoy the soothing poses and soak up Amanda’s wise words. We both enjoy this special practice with the wonderfully talented Amanda.”


“I’ve been coming to your Sunday morning yin yoga classes for a while and I absolutely love them! They’re the perfect balance between challenge, relaxation and learning. I especially love that you actually bring in some ‘teaching’ to the class other than just with the body – you educate the mind as well. I really loved the happiness poem that you read out on Sunday morning. Thank you! See you on the mat next week :)”  J.


I started this time last year with Amanda. I was a complete novice and a physio had once compared my 20 yr old flexibility to that of a house bound 80 year old. Amanda is fantastic – very highly skilled, great sense of humour who pushes you when needed and is very encouraging. Come and try one of her classes – I found yoga helped with not just my flexibility but also with stress!Anna G


“You are the clearest teacher I know.  I understand exactly what to do.”  J (fellow teacher)

You have a gift for this.  You should be doing this all the time.”  Sandra


You are powerful.  You are a powerful Wahine”  Moana


Hi Amanda, I have only met you on four occasions but from the very first time you came across as someone with real integrity and a warm and true heart. As a teacher you touched me deeply. You offer a kind word and thoughtful presence. You are a true yogi. much love, namaste K. x (fellow teacher)


“Hi Amanda,
Thanks so much for the Yoga class last night.
It was fantastic and will definitely be back.
Left feeling amazing and know this will be great for me.


Hi Amanda
Thank you for today. I love, love, LOVE your yin classes! I also really liked your list of principles to stay grounded, could you please email it to me?

I had also wondered if you have read the book “Buddhism for Mothers” by Sarah Napthali? It was my first introduction to Buddhism and echos many of the ideas that you discuss in class.

I look forward to next week 🙂
Thank you! :-)”


I need plenty (of pep talk) and what makes this one so special it is from someone I admire and whose teaching manner is just so gentle but informative ”  Kelly, Wellington


“When I first met Amanda I liked her immediately, she was friendly and radiated positive vibes.  Two years on and she hasn’t changed.

Amanda is a wonderful yoga teacher.  She always greets you with a warm, welcoming smile before each class, and in her class there’s always a relaxed (non-judgemental) and friendly atmosphere.

People of all levels respond to her easy-going manner and fun teaching style.  She also pays attention to us so that we’re challenged, but never feel out of our depth –  encouraging us all to give it a try!

Amanda makes yoga accessible.  She takes the time to explain the physical poses (asanas), as well as the more ethereal and meditative aspects of yoga  so you actually feel like you’re learning something!  Furthermore, she has a very good sense for sequencing and guiding you through the various poses in a safe and sensible manner.

I find each of her classes a journey in self-discovery because she allows us to have the freedom in the practice to do what our bodies can.  It’s about being mindful and in the moment.

And, she always has a wise word or two to share with us.

I find Amanda’s classes powerful and deep, and I always leave with a calm mind and a feeling of physical wellness and relief.

I think that a person of any level would enjoy and benefit from spending time on their mat in one of Amanda’s classes.”  – Charles Ngaki (Thorndon)


Amanda runs an excellent, fulfilling, challenging class, encouraging everyone and giving options but encouraging you to go a bit further.”  Barry


Amanda’s yoga classes not only introduced me to the concept of a grounding experience coupled with effective exercise, but gave me an entire understanding of why everyone I knew was talking about yoga! Amanda is a fantastic teacher, who can cater to all experience levels, and will challenge her students accordingly in a safe and comfortable environment. She brings her own light and energy into every class she takes, and the positivity she brings forward is highly infectious. Trained, qualified and experienced in all aspects of yoga, Amanda is a teacher incomparable to any others, and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in yoga – from new beginners all the way to advanced yogis, you will not regret a class at Metta Yoga!” – Jacqui


Amanda is a knowledgeable yoga instructor who blends intensity with a quiet way, and, importantly for me, a challenging practice that is safe for the male physique.” – Mark


Amanda allows you and encourages you to be present and aware so that you can come into your body and your breath.  She gives you the space to do that in.  She reminds you to notice what each pose feels like and to be truly mindful, present and authentic in your practice.  I truly enjoy and look forward to her classes. ”  Alan

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